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products i love: face edition

People often ask me what products I use, so I wanted to share some of my favourites!


Recently I have become far more concerned about the ingredients in the products I'm using. Most products these days are packed with garbage ingredients such as harsh chemicals, synthetic materials and animal by-products. These are terrible for our skin, and other organs, as anything that touches our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. Any foreign substances, such as chemicals, have to the be processed through our kidneys and liver. Whats worse is that SO many companies still test on animals. That is the biggest issue for me, so I only buy products that are cruelty free. 

I'll be honest in saying that I am a consultant for both Tiber River Naturals and Arbonne. I use A LOT of these products, but I will also NEVER recommend a product that I do not truly love. What initially attracted me to both of these companies is that they are cleaner than the majority of products on the market right now AND they are cruelty-free ! I'll link my consultant website under the products!

Make-up remover:

Tiber Riber-Rebel with a cause


Tiber River-SOS (save our skin) bar soap


Tiber River-Green Tea Tonic


I use mostly Arbonne make-up now. Because it doesn't contain any animal fats, I can wear foundation all day without looking oily. 

Some of my faves are the makeup Primer, Liquid Perfecting Foundation and the Pressed Powder. I also love the CC cream, which I usually mix with the foundation!

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